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James Weil
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05/08/2018 10:53 am  

It's no secret that the publishing industry has never been in worse shape. If you are a new writer, getting a contract is next to impossible. I remember working with a talented writer who wrote a very compelling autobiography about him being a psychiatrist who fell in love with a deranged stripper while going through a contentious divorce. He nearly lost his license. 

What I loved about the book was that it was so unflinchingly honest. He held nothing back. Regardless, his manuscript was rejected countless times until one of the bigger houses offered to print 3,000 copies for $5,000.00. I was flabbergasted, but then I realized this was becoming a trend. 

No reputable publishing house is going to print garbage no matter how much they charge to print it. The problem is taking a risk on a new writer does not justify the expense. So, to mitigate the risk, they charge for the first print run.

When I presented the offer he asked me what he should do. I was in quandary. This was completely new territory for me. I told him this is the closest thing to an offer he was going to get, and that I had exhausted all my resources. On the plus side, readers would never know the difference. 

He took the deal, and his book did relatively well. These are strange times we live in.

Love to all!