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Do you see what I see?

James Weil
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So many writers I have worked with assume that the reader implicitly understands or sees what's going on in his or her head when writing descriptions or action scenes. One writer I worked with, began his story about a man who lived in the Midwest, who wanted to move to New York to become a dancer. 

In the opening scene he was at a barbecue, and then he spontaneously jumped up on the picnic table and did a little dance. The only problem is, I had no idea what kind of dance he did, how others reacted to his dancing, and there was no description of the dancer at all. 

These problems are easy to fix; they just need to be pointed out. After a few examples, he got the idea, and the main character and the story were much more rounded out. 

What you see in your head, you must put down on paper. Don't worry about going overboard; that's what editing is for. The main thing is to communicate what you see in your head, and make sure the reader sees it too.

Love to all!