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Weil Editorial Services offers in-depth manuscript editing from an award-winning writer and editor. Every editor has their own approach to manuscript editing; my approach is to give each manuscript a thorough first read, looking for flaws in the plot line, characterization, voice, point of view, continuity errors, and the overall structure of the story.

From there, we write a comprehensive critique to help each writer see where they can make improvements. This is just the beginning. Then we work with you on a one-on-one basis until all major flaws are worked out. After that, the manuscript is ready for a line edit.

As the line edit progresses, the finer points of the story show through, revealing subtle flaws that can throw a reader off track. Although the overall structure of the manuscript is extremely important, the importance of a good line edit cannot be overemphasized. During this process, we fine-tune the manuscript, and, of course, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure are intensely scrutinized. This is the hallmark of good manuscript editing.

Weil Editorial Services will perfect your manuscript for as long as it takes. Commitment, excellence, integrity, and brutal honesty are what make Weil Editorial Services your top choice for choosing a quality editor who will bring out the best in your writing.

Weil Editorial Services charges a flat rate for its services, based upon the number of pages in your manuscript. This includes the entire package described above, as well as working with each writer through the rewrites. On top of it, we will promote your book on our website once it is published.

Weil Editorial Services is committed to the success of its writers!

Other Services

Weil Editorial Services also offers Line Editing, Copy Editing, or Proof Reading for manuscripts that may not need full Developmental Editing. Manuscript Editing takes many forms, according to how well-polished the manuscript may be.

Line Editing, of course, is much more comprehensive than Copy Editing or Proof Reading. In this case, sentence structure may be heavily tweaked, as well  as word choices, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Copy Editing entails tweaking sentence structure for grammatical correctness, as well as correcting common grammar mistakes, punctuation, and spelling.

Proof Reading merely checks the manuscript for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

We tailor our services to whatever your needs may be. If we feel you may need more than just a line edit, we will let you know. If your manuscript is nicely polished and needs only a Copy Edit, we will adjust our services accordingly. Weil Editorial Services strongly believes that editing should be customized for every writer we work with, and that your unique voice should be developed and emphasized by allowing you to find your own words with our expert guidance, allowing your story to flourish as a result of your creativity and our help. It is our goal to make your writing the best it can be!

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